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the power of attraction

October 28, 2008
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I was looking for an old case note when I stumbled upon the piece of paper where I scribbled a portion of a newspaper article written by Jaime Licauco, a Pinoy paranormal expert.

Having attended one of Mr. Licauco’s seminar on astral projection when I was still in UST, I have the highest respect for Mr. Licauco and a firm believer of his work.  Ikaw man ang makarating at makapag-libot sa bahay nang kaklase mong hindi mo alam kung saang lupalop nakatira and lived to tell about it, maniniwala ka rin.  

The article actually spoke a little about the book “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne.  I’ve been meaning to read it but, somehow, for some reasons, I can’t find enough inspiration to have a go at the book. 

According to Mr. Licauco, “the secret” is not actually a secret but an age-old principle akin to positive thinking.  If you have a positive disposition, then you’ll get positive results.  Kung nega ka, mag-dusa ka, hehehe.

Here’s the excerpt that I copied.  I followed this for about a week pero hindi ko na-sustain, I forgot about it.  Hmmn, maybe now’s a good time start again.

Power/Law of Attraction

1.   know your goal; what you really want. — easy!

2.  slow down brain waves to at least alpha level (7 to 14 cycles per second); relax, passive meditative state — I have no idea what this means, bahala na…

3.  visualize/form an image of your goal using 5 senses; right brain hemisphere; intuitive/imaginative; create pictures/images/symbols. — okay, medyo mahirap yung taste pero go go go!

4.  visualize goal/mentally program 2x/day, AM± visualize goal as already achieved and not having to achieve it; don’t entertain doubts. — done!



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