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bitukang dukha (poor man’s tummy)

October 17, 2008
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            One of the perks of being a lawyer in the city is that you get to sample Manila’s gastronomical delights at the expense of the client (of course!).  Nakakahiya mang aminin, the lawyers at our office always look forward and prepare (meaning — starve themselves) for these occasions.           

            A few weeks ago, my office roommie and partner in crime “G” had a rare treat.  She had a merienda meeting at Le Soufflé (Top of the Citi) Thursday and then a lunch meeting at Le Soufflé (the Fort) the following day.

            Sa mga hindi nakaka-alam, Le Soufflé is a popular (and quite pricey) restaurant in Manila known for its delectable (but miniscule) dishes and sinful desserts (hence, its name).              

            After her Thursday meeting, “G” came back to office boasting about the pasta she had.  Since I only had golden banana rolls (meaning: turon, hehehe, sosyal kunyari) that afternoon, I was super inggit.  Pero okay na rin kasi kasama naman ako sa lunch meeting the next day.

            The next day, Friday, we left the office at around 12:00 NN in time for our 12:30 PM meeting.  After the usual niceties, we were given the Menu and were told to order what we want.  Siempre sinamantala ko, I ordered lemonade, prawns and tomato bisque, the grilled chilean sea bass and blue berry cheesecake for dessert (yum yum yum!).  “G”, on the other hand, ordered salad, seafood pasta and cinnamon apples.

            After coffee and tea, we went back to office at around 2:30 PM.  An hour or so after that, “G” asked if I’m okay and if my tummy feels sick like hers.  I told her that I feel stuffed but I’m fine.  It was then that “G” blurted out her most famous line to date — “Haayyy, ang hirap talaga nang may bitukang dukha!” LOL “Hindi pwede sa mamahaling food!”  HAHAHA!  

            I don’t think the Le Soufflé food caused “G”s stomach trouble.  I think the culprit was the pansit and chicken that we sampled when we got back to office (it was someone’s bday blowout), but I liked “G”s explanation better.      


            Moral of the story:       gluttony is a sin because it is.

            Lesson learned:           social climbing is hazardous to health.


Hi “G”, i hope you don’t mind.


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