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i’m back

December 9, 2009

I’ve been meaning to update my blog but for some reasons (which I will probably reveal in the future), I procrastinated. Anyway, the block is gone and, in case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m back.


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what’s up

December 9, 2009

I was driving on my way home kanina when I heard the song “What’s up” by 4 Non Blondes over the radio.  Yes, “What’s up”!   As in

Twenty-five years and my life is still
Trying to get up that great big hill of hope
For a destination
And I realized quickly when I knew I should
That the world was made up of this brotherhood of man
For whatever that means
And so I cry sometimes
When I’m lying in bed
Just to get it all out
What’s in my head
And I am feeling a little peculiar
And so I wake in the morning
And I step outside
And I take a deep breath and I get real high
And I scream at the top of my lungs
What’s going on?
And I say, hey hey hey hey
I said hey, what’s going on?

To those who aren’t familiar with the song, or were simply too young when the song came out, “What’s up” and 4 Non Blondes became popular sometime in 1993.  

Since I was in College then, a lot of my College memories came flashing back as soon as I heard the song. 

I remembered my bobita dormmates who were with me through good times and good times.  May bad times din pero mostly good. 

I remembered Wewet, my BFWWU (best friend in the whole wide universe).  We called each other that years before mauso ang BFF acronym na popular ngayon.  Wewet whose bra popped open during one of the UAAP championship games in Araneta.  Wewet who cried on top of the Cyclone Loop in Star City.  Wewet who surpised us all by not showing up at her surprise bday party.

I remembered At’ Cel, ang master initiator ng lahat ng kalokohan.  Si At’ Cel na nagnenok ng soup bowl sa Pizza Hut dahil gusto nya ng lalagyan ng taho.  Si At’ Cel na gumawa ng student council campaign posters para sa crush nya pero hindi nagpakilala.  

I remembered Ate Jean.  Si Doctor Doctor Jean (she’s a PT and an MD), ang genius ng Mother Ignacia Dorm.   Si Ate Jean na maaga matulog at laging bwisit samin dahil maingay kami nina Lanie.  Si Ate Jean and her kasungitan.  Oo, masungit ka dati pero mabait ka na ngayon, hehehe.     

I remembered Lanie.  Si Lanie na pinaka-maliit pero pinaka-maingay.  Si Lanie na nang-away ng dormmate habang naka-broadcast sa intercom.  Si Lanie ang aming rebel with a very little cause.  Si Lanie na nagtanan kasama ni Bing na hinanap ng mga kamag-anak niyang nakasakay sa truck ni Sto. Nino de Bombero, no kidding.  

I remembered my Ate If and her obessession with JV.  Si Ate If and her lady like manners.  Si Ate If na laging ubos ang allowance.  Si Ate If at ang kanyang “nagmamahal na tsong” na si At’ La.

I remembered At’ La, ang “nagmamahal na tsong” ni Ate If.  Si At’ La na dinadalaw sa dorm ng mga dyakuno pag hindi nakaka-samba.  Si At’ La na may masugod na tagahanga na itago na lang natin sa pangalang Neil, hehehe.  Si At’ La at ang kanyang show your toothbrush instead of ID moment.  Hehehe.  Si At’ La na nagagalit pag hinahalo namin ang kanyang halo-halo, spaghetti at taho.  Go figure.

I remembered Poleng and her obessession with the song “Somebody”.  Kelangan tumutog ang Somebody from heart beat to heart beat or else uulitin ang kanta.  Si Poleng na parang kandidato sa jeepney stop sa Crossing dahil pasisingitin sa pila lahat ng kakilala.      

I remembered Thets.  Thets who almost burned down the dorm because she forgot to turn off the water heater.  Thets and her sleeping in bra and half slip moments.  Thets and her constant stream of ideas on how and where to stalk the UST Tigers.  Grabe, kahit simbang gabi, naghahanap kami ng basketball player sa UST open field.  Thets and her rare “duh” moments like “I don’t understand this law, hindi raw pwede mag-own ng real properties ang aliens, eh wala naman talagang aliens”.  At that time, seryoso sha.

I remembered Anne.  Anne and her countless “fans” and real life “Pare Ko” moment.  Anne and her “nagpapasama sakin si Ya” excuse.  Anne and her “I forgive you na, bati na tayo” note when I don’t recall saying sorry in the first place. 

I remembered Gem. Gem and her pang teleserye love story with Alan.  Gem and her “Angelica maligo ka na”, “Anne, ginulo mo na naman ang cabinet”, “Ya, bad influence ka talaga sa kapatid ko”, hehehe.  

I remembered Macor.  Macor, our “bunso” na muntik ng mapalayas sa dorm on her first night kasi naki-sali sa aming illegal bday party celebration. 

Who would ever forget Dra. Pareja, our beloved landlady.  Dra. Pareja who cried a river when she found out that we sneaked two guys into our room as a bday surprise for Wewet who didn’t show up.  Dra. Pareja who calmly told Lanie to stop cursing AP and to get off the intercom.  Dra. Pareja who prayed for all of us to pass our respective board/bar exams so she can finally get rid of us.  Dra. Pareja who hated and yet loved us more than the rule abiding ones. 

For us bobitas, college was a blast.  Masaya ang buhay dorm, aral ng konti, gimik ng todo.  At that time, SM Centerpoint was our default destination.  We go there at least 2x a week and I can honestly say that more than half of our weekly allowance was spent inside SM Centerpoint.  Night out means “disco” (yes, disco was our term) sa Faces, Euphoria, Ozone or Arts Venue, pag maliit ang budget.  Towards the end of our college years, nauso ang Hardrock and Streelife sa Glorietta so siempre go kami dun, tatakas siempre sa dorm. 

Grabe, I think we spent more time thinking of allowable excuses to violate dorm rules than studying.  We spent more time cheering for the UST Tigers (and stalking Patrick Fran, Udoy Belmonte,  Dennis Espino, Siot Tanquincen and Bal David) than planning our future but it was all worth it.  It was so much fan.  Besides, we all turned out ok naman.  Kahit papano, nagka-future naman ang mga bobita ng Mother Ignacia.

rest in peace Tita Cory

August 4, 2009
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the case of the shrinking chocolait

April 20, 2009

I’m not a milk fan so, to force calcium into my system, my parents stocked up on Magnolia Chocolait.  Since then, Magnolia Chocolait became my comfort/bed time drink. 

Through the years, Magnolia Chocolait went through a lot of costume changes, este, package designs pala.  I still remember (and now miss) the glass bottled Chocolait that the milkman delivers to our door every Saturday.  Compared to the tetra packed Chocolait , the glass bottled Chocolait definitely tastes way better. 

A few hours ago I went grocery shopping and was surprised by what I saw in the milk aisle. 

Dyaraaan!  Introducing, the “One Sip Magnolia Chocolait”.    




WTF?!?  Sinong may pakana nito?  Aba eh kahit bagong panganak  na sanggol mabibitin dito.

A few grocery ailes later, I stumbled upon these.



Uso?  Apparently, hindi lang Magnolia ang nagka-cater sa mga dwende, Selecta shrank their Moo din pala.

my “not so techie” mom part II

March 31, 2009
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As promised, here’s the second installment for my “not so techie” mom saga.

One of my Mama’s classic gadget moments happened a few years ago.  At that time, I was reviewing for the Bar and super stressed so my Mama’s text message was such a welcome comic relief. 

Before reading her message, please keep in mind that my Mama, at that time, has just been introduced to the world of text messaging and was still trying to figure out how to use her brand new Nokia 8250 (this is circa 2001 in case you’re wondering).

This is the message that I got from her.


All together now……hahahaha!

In case you didn’t figure out, my Mama’s Nokia phone was on dictionary or english prediction mode so every word she types gets converted to english. 

Judging by her words, I figured she’s really really pissed and frustrated so I called her and gave her step by step instructions on how to turn off the predictive mode.

what’s in your dish rack?

March 27, 2009

I was about to grab a dinner plate when I saw this.


Is that what I think it is?


From afar, I thought — “Odd.  Why is our peanut butter here?”  And then I saw the half-eaten strawberry.  “Who’s strawberry is this and why is it here?”

“Akin yan.  I forgot about it na.  Kinakain ko yan kanina kaya lang ang asim so I put it down.” — V

“Sayang, ang laki pa naman”. — D

“HAHAHA!  This is classic.  Asan yung camera?” — Arj

my “not so techie” mom’s facebook experience

March 27, 2009

I was preparing to go home when I saw a missed call from my Mom so immediately called her.  Here’s how our conversation went.

“Ma, you called?”

“Oo, kasi may facebook request ako from Loraine, hindi ko ma-approve.  Hindi mo kasi ako tinuruan.  Buksan mo nga yung facebook ka, ikaw na lang mag-approve.”

“‘Di ba tinuruan na kita?  I-click mo lang yung friend request, nasa may bandang taas yun.”

“Ayaw nga, kanina pako dito naiinis na ‘ko.”

“Asan si Papa?  Patulong ka sa kanya.”

“Andito nga, katabi ko, pero hindi nya alam.  Hindi mo kasi ako tinuruan.  Kanina pa ‘ko dito.  ‘Di ko na alam gagawin ko!” 

At this point, medyo magka-level na ang exasperation namin. 

“Sige nga, buksan mo ulit.”

“Bukas na nga!  Nakaka-inis!  Bakit ganun?”

At this point, sumali na ang tatay ko sa gulo.  I can hear him in the background saying — “Ma, ano ba, ‘wag kang mag-pakagalit dyan, it’s no big deal, just follow her instructions.”

“Ano ‘ba nakikita mo sa screen?  Nasa taas lang yung friend request.  I-click mo lang, lalabas na si Loraine.”

“Eto, binabasa ko yung e-mail ni Loraine, gusto nya akong i-invite sa facebook.”

“Ma, nasan ka ba?  Nasa Yahoo ka ba?

“Oo, kasi dito pinadala ni Loraine yung invitation.”

Sabi ko sa isip ko — @%&$!

 “Maaa, eh paano mo ia-approve yan eh nasa Yahoo ka, pumunta ka sa Facebook.”

 “Eh paano ba ‘ko pupunta sa Facebook?”

“Magbukas ka nang bagong explorer.  I-click mo yung letter “e” na blue o yung mozilla icon.”

“O, ayan, may Facebook na.”

“O sige, mag-log-in ka.  Email address, then password.”


Naki-alam ulit ang tatay ko.  “Ayun, sign-up!”

“‘Wag yun, yung LOG-IN dapat!”

“Ayaw nga.  Ayan, naging puti lahat yung screen.”

“Hintayin mo lang.”

“O, ayan, naka-pasok na ‘ko.”

“O, i-click mo yung friend request sa taas.  Kita mo?”

“Ayan, na-click ko na.  Nakita ko na si Loraine.  May add to list.”

“Hindi yun, i-confirm mo.”

“Ayan, friend ko na raw si Loraine.”

“O sige, sagutin mo na yung message nya.”

“Sabi dito do you want to poke Loraine, ano gagawin ko?”

“Hay nako, ‘wag ka muna mag-po-po-poke dyan, mag-aral ka muna mag-log-in.  So, okay na?  Babay na?  Pwede na akong umuwi?”

“Okay, babay na.  Thank you anak.”

“Okay, bye.”

Hayyy.  Buti na lang may 24/7 call & text unlimited ang Sun cellular at ‘di ako nagastusan sa kulitang yun. 

Ang cute ng nanay ko no?  Ang kulit.  Love you ‘Ma.

Isa lang po yan sa mga techie moments ng nanay ko, madami pang iba.  Bukas, I’ll share her text messaging experience.

earth hour 2009

March 20, 2009

Although I’m not an avid supporter of environmental campaigns like Anne, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love or care about Mother Earth.  I do!  

That is why, on March 28, 2009, I’m gonna switch off our lights…




along with the rest of the world.



Here’s a glimpse of what’s gonna to happen.


how to get a US visa, the Nicole way

March 19, 2009

Nicole?  Sinong Nicole?

Si Nicole ang bida sa “Subic Rape Case”, isang mala-teleseryeng istorya na inumpisahan noong 2005 at patuloy pa ring sinusubaybayan ng mga tao.

Si Nicole ang babaeng nag-bakasyon sa Subic, nag-paiwan sa mga kasama at magdamag na nakipag-inuman at nakipag-landian sa mga sundalong amerikano na nakilala niya sa dance floor.

Si Nicole ang babaeng nag-reklamo at nag-sampa ng kasong rape laban kay Daniel Smith at mga kasamahan nito.

Si Nicole ang babaeng pinag-aksayahan ng pera ng gobyerno, ng panahon at pagod ng mga abugadong hindi nag-pabayad, at ng papel, lapis at ballpen ng mga reporter.

Si Nicole ang babaeng nagpa-sakit ng ulo ng mga taong gumagawa ng batas, nagpapa-tupad ng batas, nag-tuturo ng batas at nag-aaral ng batas.

Si Nicole ang babaeng naging dahilan ng muntik nang pag-kasira ng ating foreign relations sa bayan ni Smith.

Si Nicole ay si Suzette Nicolas at ito ang kanyang bagong kwento:

“Deep inside, however, I know that I may never be able to move on for as long as I continue to search for answer to so many questions that have lingered in my mind regarding the incident in Subic more than three years ago. Daniel Smith was convicted of rape because the court accepted my version that he took advantage of my intoxication in raping me inside a van that took us to the seawall located at the SBMA Alaba Pier at around 11:30 in the evening of November 1, 2005.”

“Daniel Smith’s witnesses said that while we were at the Neptune Club, I sat on Daniel Smith’s lap and that we kissed each other passionately. I remember that before I met Daniel Smith at the Neptune Club, all I ate was a slice of pizza at the Grand Leisure Hotel. After the pizza, everything else was alcoholic drinks from vodka sprite, B52, Singaporean sling, B53, long island ice tea to bullfrog all of which I drank bottoms up. I do not recall Daniel Smith having ordered any alcoholic drink for me. My drinks were all paid for by Chris Mills who invited me to go to the Neptune Club.”

“I had no opportunity to deny in court that I kissed Daniel Smith but with the amount of alcoholic mixed drinks I took, my low tolerance level of alcohol and with only a slice of pizza all night, it dawned upon me that I may have possibly lost my inhibitions, became so intimate with Daniel Smith and did more than just dancing and talking with him like everyone else on the dance floor. Looking back, I would not have agreed to talk with Daniel Smith and dance with him no less than three times if I did not enjoy his company or was at least attracted to him since I met him for the very first time on the dance floor of Neptune Club.”

“When I danced with Daniel Smith for the third time, my companion, Chris Mills has already left Neptune Club since he had to catch their curfew time at the military base. The lighting was sufficient for people to recognize each other and other marines were with their Filipino partners drinking, dancing and enjoying each other’s company and kissing and hugging among partners was a common scene.”

“With the events at the Neptune Club in mind, I keep on asking myself, if Daniel Smith wanted to rape me, why would he carry me out of the Neptune Club using the main entrance in full view of the security guard and the other sources? Why would the van park right in front of Neptune Club? Why would Daniel Smith and his companions bring me to the seawall of Alaba Pier and casually leave this area that was well lighted and with many people roaming around? If they believed that I was raped, would they have not dumped me instead in a dimly lit area along the highway going to Alaba Pier to avoid detection?”

“I told the court that Daniel Smith kissed my lips and neck and held my breast inside the van. Recalling my testimony, I ask myself now how could I have remembered this if witnesses told the court that I passed out and looked unconscious when I was brought to the van by Daniel Smith. How could I have resisted his advances given this condition? Daniel Smith and I were alone on the third row of the van which had limited space and I do not recall anyone inside the van who held my hand or any part of my body. What I can recall is that there was very loud music and shouting inside the van.”

“If the travel from Neptune Club took only several minutes and with the driver of the van trying to beat the curfew time of his passengers, how could I have instantly regained my consciousness and talked to the people upon reaching the seawall of Alaba Pier? When people gathered around me at the seawall, everyone seemed to have drawn the conclusion that I was raped except for one who called me a bitch.”

“Based on the account of SBMA police, I was very hesitant to board the mobile police car that brought me to the headquarters for investigation. I was so confused and the first thing that entered my mind was how would my mother and boyfriend react if they learn that I was last seen with Daniel Smith and that a condom was seen on my pants after Daniel Smith left the van? I was scared of losing not only my American boyfriend but the chance of living in the United States. In fact, I did not immediately tell my boyfriend that I was raped by Daniel Smith. All I said was that something bad happened to me.”

“I expect many sectors to question my motives in executing this statement more than three years after the incident. However, as I practically grew up interacting with American servicemen in Zamboanga City who treated me and my family very well, and thinking over and over again how I may have conducted myself at the Neptune Club, I can’t help but entertain doubts on whether the sequence of events in Subic last November of 2005 really occurred the way the court found them to have happened.

“My conscience continues to bother me realizing that I may have in fact been so friendly and intimate with Daniel Smith at the Neptune Club that he was led to believe that I was amenable to having sex or that we simply just got carried away. I would rather risk public outrage than do nothing to help the court in ensuring that justice is served.”

Wow!  Ang galing palang mag-ingles ni Nicole.  Ahhm, ano nga bang sinabi nya? 

Simple lang naman ang nais nyang iparating.   

“Totoo ang sabi ni Daniel Smith, we had consensual sex” – Nicole

Sa totoo lang, hindi naman nakakagulat ang kwentong ito.  Ang nakaka-gulat at nakaka-inis ay biglaang pagre-recant ni Nicole at ang balitang nasa Amerika na raw ito baon ang kanyang PhP100,000.00 settlement.  Eto pa, ang lahat nang pangyayaring ito ay lingid raw sa kaalaman ng kanyang magiting na abogado.  Yeah right?!?  Sa kaalaman kaya ni PGMA, lingid rin ito?  Kung ikaw ang pinuno ng US Embassy, bibigyan mo ba ng US visa si Nicole sa kabila ng lahat ng ginawa nya?  Nagtatanong lang.


For the full text of Nicole’s Sworn Statement, go to:

what’s the big deal?

March 11, 2009

Para sa mga hindi maka-relate sa previous entry ko (huling el bimbo) kasi hindi nakanood, tinamad, walang ka-date, walang pambiling ticket o ‘di kaya’y taga-ibang planeta at hindi kilala ang Eraserheads, I found a better way to describe the concert scene last Saturday.

Here’s a picture that speaks more than a 100,000 (estimated crowd) words.


Can you guys see me?  I’m the 67,896th girl from the 3rd exit on the right wearing a black tank top with gold sequined ribbon.  hehehe =)

Heartfelt compliments and big big thanks to Haw who sacrificed his viewing pleasure for everyone’s benefit.

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