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April 10, 2010

Thets, one of my bestees (I know it’s corny and juvenile but that’s our term of endearment back in school and, unfortunately, it stuck), was bitten by the running bug and has since persistently demanded that we join her.  Since running requires that I give up my “thing” (read: sleeping until noon on weekends), my reaction was a resounding and violent — NO!

Since none of her sisters (a.k.a. “the skinny bitches”) fell prey to her pressure, she relentlessly pestered us. Eventually, we run out of reasons.

Wasting no time, she forced us to join the 1st PTAA fun run. She registered us for the 5K run and told us it’s not going to be difficult coz we don’t have to run the entire way.

When the day of the run arrived, I woke up after about three hours of sleep and excitedly went to UP, the venue. When we got there, I looked around to survey the other runners and gladly found out that I’m not the least fit person. I figured if these equally un-athletic people can do this, so can I.

At gun start, we happily joined the eager 5Kers. After about three minutes of continuous running, I’m no longer happy. My untrained lungs and Olive Oil (remember Popeye’s mate?) spindly legs easily gave up. I begged Donna to stop and to just brisk walk with me. Vero sped away (she was, after all, the first one to succumb to Thets’ egging) leaving me and Donna to pace each other.

After walking 60% of the way, Donna and I finally saw the finish line. YEY! We finished! We conquered 5K!

When we crossed the line, Donna and I noticed that there are still other runners crossing. I told her, “at least may kasabay pa tayo”. Donna, however, noticed that the remaining runners were wearing different colored numbers (ours were red, theirs were yellow). Realization hit. OMG! We crossed the line along with the 10K runners! We’re such losers!

As with the other runners, we checked our time. Mine was 1:01.34. Donna came in 12 seconds later at 1:01:42.

WTF?!? We didn’t just eat our fellow runners’ dust, we ate slowly. We didn’t expect to finish in 30 minutes but finishing a simple 5K run for an hour was very embarrassing.

My thought was, OMG, I’ll never be humiliated this way ever again. I’m going to train and train hard — if, I get the time.

I made that promise last June 2009 and I’m yet to join another fun run. I’m currently training though, not as extensive or as seriously as my new athlete friend but I’m happy with my progress, no matter how miniscule that may be.

For the last two months, the members of Team Bald Runner have been patiently trying to help me work on my endurance. When I first started, I almost died after an 800m lap (2 rounds of the ULTRA track). Now, I’m proud to say that I can already tackle 30 minutes of non-stop running (with very little cheating).

the BAR, here we go again!

March 26, 2010
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According to a friend we should celebrate every March 19 because that’s the day when our Bar Exam results came out nine years ago (my gosh!!! Time really flies).

What makes the Bar Exam special is that, unlike other professional exams, everybody awaits the results. All lawyers, young and old, somehow get involve in the waiting. Since I am a partner in a law office, this yearly occurrence gives me a sense of a yearly déjà vu.

Here we go again.

According to a Supreme Court insider, the results for the 2009 Bar Exams will be released today. Rumors have it that the passing percentage is 24.5% (1,451 out of 5,903 examinees); that the passing rate for the subject Taxation was lowered to 71% instead of 75%; and that the DQ (disqualified) grade was lowered to 45% instead of 50%.

And so, the agony began.

Our three underbar associates went on leave. I don’t know where they went or what they are doing at this very moment but I’m sure they’re out there, somewhere, having the worst day of their lives. I know because I’ve been there. I can still vividly recall the tears that I shed while I was on phone with Arlene. We talked about the hours we spent and wasted sleeping and watching television when we should have devoted those hours reading. We figured that, if we fail, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

On or about 9:00PM, my friend Jaja called and gave me the good news — “Arj! Lawyer ka na!” I bawled. I wanted to make sure so I told Jaja — “Sigurado ka ba? Wala nang bawian yan ha!” She said yes and then hurriedly ended our conversation, she said she had to call our other friends.

Fortunately, Arlene and I passed. Will our associates be as fortunate? I guess only time will tell. I just received a text message from JTS – “7:30 pa daw release”. Haayyy.

And so, the agony continues….

my “not so techie” mom part II

March 31, 2009
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As promised, here’s the second installment for my “not so techie” mom saga.

One of my Mama’s classic gadget moments happened a few years ago.  At that time, I was reviewing for the Bar and super stressed so my Mama’s text message was such a welcome comic relief. 

Before reading her message, please keep in mind that my Mama, at that time, has just been introduced to the world of text messaging and was still trying to figure out how to use her brand new Nokia 8250 (this is circa 2001 in case you’re wondering).

This is the message that I got from her.


All together now……hahahaha!

In case you didn’t figure out, my Mama’s Nokia phone was on dictionary or english prediction mode so every word she types gets converted to english. 

Judging by her words, I figured she’s really really pissed and frustrated so I called her and gave her step by step instructions on how to turn off the predictive mode.

what’s in your dish rack?

March 27, 2009

I was about to grab a dinner plate when I saw this.


Is that what I think it is?


From afar, I thought — “Odd.  Why is our peanut butter here?”  And then I saw the half-eaten strawberry.  “Who’s strawberry is this and why is it here?”

“Akin yan.  I forgot about it na.  Kinakain ko yan kanina kaya lang ang asim so I put it down.” — V

“Sayang, ang laki pa naman”. — D

“HAHAHA!  This is classic.  Asan yung camera?” — Arj

what’s the big deal?

March 11, 2009

Para sa mga hindi maka-relate sa previous entry ko (huling el bimbo) kasi hindi nakanood, tinamad, walang ka-date, walang pambiling ticket o ‘di kaya’y taga-ibang planeta at hindi kilala ang Eraserheads, I found a better way to describe the concert scene last Saturday.

Here’s a picture that speaks more than a 100,000 (estimated crowd) words.


Can you guys see me?  I’m the 67,896th girl from the 3rd exit on the right wearing a black tank top with gold sequined ribbon.  hehehe =)

Heartfelt compliments and big big thanks to Haw who sacrificed his viewing pleasure for everyone’s benefit.

huling el bimbo

March 9, 2009

Since we weren’t able to watch Eraserheads’ reunion concert last year, Anne and I were ecstatic when we heard about their decision to give in to their fans clamour and to do a “Final Set”.   


How big an Eraserheads fan am I???

Well, here are some of the things that I had to endure just to see their concert dubbed as “Eraserheads Live: The Final Set”:

1.  not buying the Charles & Keith shoes (0r was it the blue Mango doctor’s bag?) that I fancied because I just bought concert tickets.

2.  braving the Manila summer heat and the traffic while driving from Pasig to Mall of Asia, Pasay City @ 5km to 30km/hr.   

3.  eating dinner at 5Pm.

4.  walking from MOA’s south wing carpark to the concert venue (located near the north wing carpark).  We didn’t dare transfer the car for fear that we might not be able to find a slot there.

5.  going to the concert venue 2 hrs before the concert schedule to look for a strategic spot.  stage is visible – check.  near video wall – check.  with slight elevation – check.  with cutie in sight – N/A.     

6.  waiting and standing for 1 1/2 hours.

7.  Anne: walking back to MOA to pee and then wading through the sea of people in order to go back to our spot.  according to her. “it was like finding a needle in a haystack”.

8.  waiting for another 30 minutes or so while the MTV VJs talks non-sense. 

9.  sweating like a pig.  (the crowd grew so big that I was, literally, forced to stay in my alloted space of approximately 1 1/2 square feet).

10.  watching the concert via video walls because I can’t see the stage no matter how I tried.  I’m 5’3 1/2″, was wearing chunky slippers and I still can’t see a thing.  why does normal people appear like fat giants whenever their standing right in front of you?  I’m sooo loving the little people now.   

11.  getting concert activity updates from the guy who has powerful binoculars.

12.  rubbing (sweaty) elbows, shoulders, arms, butt and what not with strangers.

13.  being stepped upon and spilled upon.

14.  standing next to and seeing two sweaty members of the bovine family sing to each other, stare at each other’s eyes, wipe each other’s sweat and make out.  @&%$!  Thets: “Ewwww!” (she was sooo grossed out that she typed the word in her phone and then showed us) 

15.  from Coeli: standing next to an ugly, smelly guy.  double @&%$!

16.  being super duper sweaty and dehydrated.

17.  not drinking for fear that it might trigger an urge to pee.

18.  having to pin my hair with a ballpoint pen bcoz there’s no rubber band or hair clamp in my bag. 

19.  taking the painful walk back to MOA’s south wing carpark.

20.  having to drive home (despite the leg cramps) and, once again, enduring the traffic.  my theory is that 80% of original Eheads fans became professionals who can afford cars, hence, the midnight traffic.  

But, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because the concert was worth every penny and pain.  The show was worth the additional moolah that I’ll have to pay the massage therapist for a number of reasons.

1.  concert venue was huge, had a lot of emergency exits and cute emergency personnel on stand by.   

2.  no teeny boppers in sight.  almost everyone’s our age =)

3.  the wonderful opening number — “Magasin”.

4.  the fact that there’s one video monitor for each of the four band members.


5.  Ely, Raimund and Buddy’s youthful, cleaned up looks and Marcus’ ala Freddie Aguilar look.

6.  Marcus’ Hello Kitty guitar.          


 7.  Ely saying “I love you too pare” in response to inummerable declarations of love from the crowd. 

8.  their still singing “Super Proxy” despite Francis M’s sudden demise.   

9.  Ely singing parts of “Kaleidoscope World” as a tribute to Francis M.

10.  Raimund and Marcus taking over the vocals of some songs (so that Ely wouldn’t over exert himself?).

11.  a girl kissing her boyfriend when she realized they were on the video screen.  (that was cute and sweet, unlike the couple in beside us)  

12.  the people around us who knew the lyrics to every song.  I was really really envious. 

13.  Ely telling the crowd to “sing” and “jump”.  he’s a bit rude, but, what the heck, we all galdly sang and jumped for him.

14.  Ely telling the crowd to write their song requests in a 1/4 sheet of paper length wise (no such thing, hehehe) and to give it to the waiter.

15.  Ely ceremoniously burning an old piano. 

16.  the explosive final number — “Huling El Bimbo”.  loved the confetti.  loved the fireworks.

17.  the group hug after the finale (have they finally, really, kissed and made up) and Ely’s brief thank you speech and “we are the Eraserheads!” shout out. 

18.  the Eheads re-emerging on the stage 10 or 15 minutes after the crowd dispersed.  we all thought the technical people were just doing sound check when we heard someone speak but, as it turned out, the Eheads really went back.  they talked for a while and then Ely announced that they’re doing “three for the road”.

19.  the three final final songs, Ligaya, Sembreak and Toyang.

20.  while singing Toyang, Ely going down the stage and letting some (very lucky) fans sing a few lines.   

21.  Tim Yap losing face because he doesn’t know the lyrics to “Toyang”.  HAHAHA!  I thought Ely will smash the microphone on top of his head (or something).  Shame shame shame.

22.  food and souvenir stalls dubbed as “Tindahan ni Aling Nena”.

23.  the humongous crowd (think EDSA 2) walking away (in pairs, groups and flocks) from the concert venue (towards the still open MOA) with big smiles on their faces.   

24.  finally, watching it with my two bestees.  since we watched the Eheads UST concert (don’t ask when) together, it was just fitting that we watch the Eheads reunion concert together also.   

To Ely, Buddy, Raimund and Marcus, I will love you forever.

To Anne and Thets, thank you for (once again) sharing the Eheads experience with me =)


November 16, 2008

Aside from being such a bad cook, I’m known for being observant and meticulous. I’m quite fussy and, as the people at the office would attest, a stickler for details.  Ang dami bang pasakalye?  Sige na nga, aaminin ko na, isa akong tsismosa.  At dahil sa katangian kong ‘yan, madami akong nasasagap na kung anu-anong kwento.

Gaya nito:

Scenario I.  (Overheard while I’m passing through the village clubhouse on my way home.)

Date/Time: Thursday, November 13, 2008, 8:00 PM.

Location: Clubhouse store near the village pool (my usual shortcut).

Unsuspecting characters: A few village househelps and the girl manning the store.

Girl 1: Sinong iskedyul ngayun?

Boy 1: Trupit daw.

Girl 2: Akala ko Tuesdee sila.

Boy 1: Hindi, nakapaskil, trupit ngayun.

I simply had no idea what they were talking about so I asked myself — ano kaya yung “trupit”?   After a while, it dawned on me — Ahhh!  True Faith!  They were talking about the band “True Faith”!  $@&#!

Hmmmn, parang gusto ko ring manood ng gig ng Trupit.  Saan kaya?  Siguro sa Aroba, hehehe.

Scenario I.  (Overheard while I’m on the elevator.)

Date/Time: Friday, November 14, 2008, 12:30 PM.

Location: 16th Floor.

Unsuspecting characters: A maintenance girl, a fifty something security guard and a guy standing behind the guard.

Arj: (Waiting to get off at the 17th Floor.)

Maintenance Girl: Kuya (referring to the security guard) gasgas na gasgas na yang batuta mo ah.

Security Guard: (speechless/dumbfounded) Ahhh, oo nga, kelangan na pintahan.

Guy behind guard: (laughing his ass off and tapping the security guard’s shoulder) Kasi gamit na gamit.  Hindi ba kuya?

Siempre, hindi ako naka-react.  Pinigil ko yung tawa ko (kahit na-nginginig na yung balikat ko) kasi sobrang dyahe.  Dyahe dun sa girl kasi she was so innocent, she was just trying to make conversation. Dyahe din dun sa guard, araw araw pa naman yung sumasaludo sa akin, baka sabihin nya hindi ako demure, hehehe.  At lalong dyahe dun sa guy kasi akala nya sila lang nung guard yung nag-kaintindihan.  Isa pa, masyado akong na-shock sa sinabi nung girl, hindi kinaya ng powers ko.  Parang ako yung napahiya, ayon tuloy, hindi ako naka-imik.  Sayang hindi ako naka-hirit.

Kayo, if you were in my place, hihirit ba kayo?  Anong sasabihin nyo?

16″ Tornado

October 18, 2008
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Because of the recent beheading of our stand fan, we rushed to SM Hypermart this morning to buy a new one.  After deliberating for a few minutes about the merits and demerits (actually, more on the aesthetics) of all the available fans, “A” and I finally bought one that looks good and sturdy enough to withstand accidental guillotine.   It’s 16″ and boasts about being a “Tornado Fan” (says so on the box) so we’ll see.

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bitukang dukha (poor man’s tummy)

October 17, 2008
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            One of the perks of being a lawyer in the city is that you get to sample Manila’s gastronomical delights at the expense of the client (of course!).  Nakakahiya mang aminin, the lawyers at our office always look forward and prepare (meaning — starve themselves) for these occasions.           

            A few weeks ago, my office roommie and partner in crime “G” had a rare treat.  She had a merienda meeting at Le Soufflé (Top of the Citi) Thursday and then a lunch meeting at Le Soufflé (the Fort) the following day.

            Sa mga hindi nakaka-alam, Le Soufflé is a popular (and quite pricey) restaurant in Manila known for its delectable (but miniscule) dishes and sinful desserts (hence, its name).              

            After her Thursday meeting, “G” came back to office boasting about the pasta she had.  Since I only had golden banana rolls (meaning: turon, hehehe, sosyal kunyari) that afternoon, I was super inggit.  Pero okay na rin kasi kasama naman ako sa lunch meeting the next day.

            The next day, Friday, we left the office at around 12:00 NN in time for our 12:30 PM meeting.  After the usual niceties, we were given the Menu and were told to order what we want.  Siempre sinamantala ko, I ordered lemonade, prawns and tomato bisque, the grilled chilean sea bass and blue berry cheesecake for dessert (yum yum yum!).  “G”, on the other hand, ordered salad, seafood pasta and cinnamon apples.

            After coffee and tea, we went back to office at around 2:30 PM.  An hour or so after that, “G” asked if I’m okay and if my tummy feels sick like hers.  I told her that I feel stuffed but I’m fine.  It was then that “G” blurted out her most famous line to date — “Haayyy, ang hirap talaga nang may bitukang dukha!” LOL “Hindi pwede sa mamahaling food!”  HAHAHA!  

            I don’t think the Le Soufflé food caused “G”s stomach trouble.  I think the culprit was the pansit and chicken that we sampled when we got back to office (it was someone’s bday blowout), but I liked “G”s explanation better.      


            Moral of the story:       gluttony is a sin because it is.

            Lesson learned:           social climbing is hazardous to health.


Hi “G”, i hope you don’t mind.

one fanny moment

October 17, 2008
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How do you tell if it’s already time to replace your fan?

I don’t know but I think it’s time to replace ours…..

“D” and her pathetic attempts to fix the beheaded fan.



I’m definitely buying a new one first thing tomorrow morning =)


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