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earth hour, will definitely switch off

March 26, 2010
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what’s up

December 9, 2009

I was driving on my way home kanina when I heard the song “What’s up” by 4 Non Blondes over the radio.  Yes, “What’s up”!   As in

Twenty-five years and my life is still
Trying to get up that great big hill of hope
For a destination
And I realized quickly when I knew I should
That the world was made up of this brotherhood of man
For whatever that means
And so I cry sometimes
When I’m lying in bed
Just to get it all out
What’s in my head
And I am feeling a little peculiar
And so I wake in the morning
And I step outside
And I take a deep breath and I get real high
And I scream at the top of my lungs
What’s going on?
And I say, hey hey hey hey
I said hey, what’s going on?

To those who aren’t familiar with the song, or were simply too young when the song came out, “What’s up” and 4 Non Blondes became popular sometime in 1993.  

Since I was in College then, a lot of my College memories came flashing back as soon as I heard the song. 

I remembered my bobita dormmates who were with me through good times and good times.  May bad times din pero mostly good. 

I remembered Wewet, my BFWWU (best friend in the whole wide universe).  We called each other that years before mauso ang BFF acronym na popular ngayon.  Wewet whose bra popped open during one of the UAAP championship games in Araneta.  Wewet who cried on top of the Cyclone Loop in Star City.  Wewet who surpised us all by not showing up at her surprise bday party.

I remembered At’ Cel, ang master initiator ng lahat ng kalokohan.  Si At’ Cel na nagnenok ng soup bowl sa Pizza Hut dahil gusto nya ng lalagyan ng taho.  Si At’ Cel na gumawa ng student council campaign posters para sa crush nya pero hindi nagpakilala.  

I remembered Ate Jean.  Si Doctor Doctor Jean (she’s a PT and an MD), ang genius ng Mother Ignacia Dorm.   Si Ate Jean na maaga matulog at laging bwisit samin dahil maingay kami nina Lanie.  Si Ate Jean and her kasungitan.  Oo, masungit ka dati pero mabait ka na ngayon, hehehe.     

I remembered Lanie.  Si Lanie na pinaka-maliit pero pinaka-maingay.  Si Lanie na nang-away ng dormmate habang naka-broadcast sa intercom.  Si Lanie ang aming rebel with a very little cause.  Si Lanie na nagtanan kasama ni Bing na hinanap ng mga kamag-anak niyang nakasakay sa truck ni Sto. Nino de Bombero, no kidding.  

I remembered my Ate If and her obessession with JV.  Si Ate If and her lady like manners.  Si Ate If na laging ubos ang allowance.  Si Ate If at ang kanyang “nagmamahal na tsong” na si At’ La.

I remembered At’ La, ang “nagmamahal na tsong” ni Ate If.  Si At’ La na dinadalaw sa dorm ng mga dyakuno pag hindi nakaka-samba.  Si At’ La na may masugod na tagahanga na itago na lang natin sa pangalang Neil, hehehe.  Si At’ La at ang kanyang show your toothbrush instead of ID moment.  Hehehe.  Si At’ La na nagagalit pag hinahalo namin ang kanyang halo-halo, spaghetti at taho.  Go figure.

I remembered Poleng and her obessession with the song “Somebody”.  Kelangan tumutog ang Somebody from heart beat to heart beat or else uulitin ang kanta.  Si Poleng na parang kandidato sa jeepney stop sa Crossing dahil pasisingitin sa pila lahat ng kakilala.      

I remembered Thets.  Thets who almost burned down the dorm because she forgot to turn off the water heater.  Thets and her sleeping in bra and half slip moments.  Thets and her constant stream of ideas on how and where to stalk the UST Tigers.  Grabe, kahit simbang gabi, naghahanap kami ng basketball player sa UST open field.  Thets and her rare “duh” moments like “I don’t understand this law, hindi raw pwede mag-own ng real properties ang aliens, eh wala naman talagang aliens”.  At that time, seryoso sha.

I remembered Anne.  Anne and her countless “fans” and real life “Pare Ko” moment.  Anne and her “nagpapasama sakin si Ya” excuse.  Anne and her “I forgive you na, bati na tayo” note when I don’t recall saying sorry in the first place. 

I remembered Gem. Gem and her pang teleserye love story with Alan.  Gem and her “Angelica maligo ka na”, “Anne, ginulo mo na naman ang cabinet”, “Ya, bad influence ka talaga sa kapatid ko”, hehehe.  

I remembered Macor.  Macor, our “bunso” na muntik ng mapalayas sa dorm on her first night kasi naki-sali sa aming illegal bday party celebration. 

Who would ever forget Dra. Pareja, our beloved landlady.  Dra. Pareja who cried a river when she found out that we sneaked two guys into our room as a bday surprise for Wewet who didn’t show up.  Dra. Pareja who calmly told Lanie to stop cursing AP and to get off the intercom.  Dra. Pareja who prayed for all of us to pass our respective board/bar exams so she can finally get rid of us.  Dra. Pareja who hated and yet loved us more than the rule abiding ones. 

For us bobitas, college was a blast.  Masaya ang buhay dorm, aral ng konti, gimik ng todo.  At that time, SM Centerpoint was our default destination.  We go there at least 2x a week and I can honestly say that more than half of our weekly allowance was spent inside SM Centerpoint.  Night out means “disco” (yes, disco was our term) sa Faces, Euphoria, Ozone or Arts Venue, pag maliit ang budget.  Towards the end of our college years, nauso ang Hardrock and Streelife sa Glorietta so siempre go kami dun, tatakas siempre sa dorm. 

Grabe, I think we spent more time thinking of allowable excuses to violate dorm rules than studying.  We spent more time cheering for the UST Tigers (and stalking Patrick Fran, Udoy Belmonte,  Dennis Espino, Siot Tanquincen and Bal David) than planning our future but it was all worth it.  It was so much fan.  Besides, we all turned out ok naman.  Kahit papano, nagka-future naman ang mga bobita ng Mother Ignacia.

earth hour 2009

March 20, 2009

Although I’m not an avid supporter of environmental campaigns like Anne, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love or care about Mother Earth.  I do!  

That is why, on March 28, 2009, I’m gonna switch off our lights…




along with the rest of the world.



Here’s a glimpse of what’s gonna to happen.


what’s the big deal?

March 11, 2009

Para sa mga hindi maka-relate sa previous entry ko (huling el bimbo) kasi hindi nakanood, tinamad, walang ka-date, walang pambiling ticket o ‘di kaya’y taga-ibang planeta at hindi kilala ang Eraserheads, I found a better way to describe the concert scene last Saturday.

Here’s a picture that speaks more than a 100,000 (estimated crowd) words.


Can you guys see me?  I’m the 67,896th girl from the 3rd exit on the right wearing a black tank top with gold sequined ribbon.  hehehe =)

Heartfelt compliments and big big thanks to Haw who sacrificed his viewing pleasure for everyone’s benefit.

huling el bimbo

March 9, 2009

Since we weren’t able to watch Eraserheads’ reunion concert last year, Anne and I were ecstatic when we heard about their decision to give in to their fans clamour and to do a “Final Set”.   


How big an Eraserheads fan am I???

Well, here are some of the things that I had to endure just to see their concert dubbed as “Eraserheads Live: The Final Set”:

1.  not buying the Charles & Keith shoes (0r was it the blue Mango doctor’s bag?) that I fancied because I just bought concert tickets.

2.  braving the Manila summer heat and the traffic while driving from Pasig to Mall of Asia, Pasay City @ 5km to 30km/hr.   

3.  eating dinner at 5Pm.

4.  walking from MOA’s south wing carpark to the concert venue (located near the north wing carpark).  We didn’t dare transfer the car for fear that we might not be able to find a slot there.

5.  going to the concert venue 2 hrs before the concert schedule to look for a strategic spot.  stage is visible – check.  near video wall – check.  with slight elevation – check.  with cutie in sight – N/A.     

6.  waiting and standing for 1 1/2 hours.

7.  Anne: walking back to MOA to pee and then wading through the sea of people in order to go back to our spot.  according to her. “it was like finding a needle in a haystack”.

8.  waiting for another 30 minutes or so while the MTV VJs talks non-sense. 

9.  sweating like a pig.  (the crowd grew so big that I was, literally, forced to stay in my alloted space of approximately 1 1/2 square feet).

10.  watching the concert via video walls because I can’t see the stage no matter how I tried.  I’m 5’3 1/2″, was wearing chunky slippers and I still can’t see a thing.  why does normal people appear like fat giants whenever their standing right in front of you?  I’m sooo loving the little people now.   

11.  getting concert activity updates from the guy who has powerful binoculars.

12.  rubbing (sweaty) elbows, shoulders, arms, butt and what not with strangers.

13.  being stepped upon and spilled upon.

14.  standing next to and seeing two sweaty members of the bovine family sing to each other, stare at each other’s eyes, wipe each other’s sweat and make out.  @&%$!  Thets: “Ewwww!” (she was sooo grossed out that she typed the word in her phone and then showed us) 

15.  from Coeli: standing next to an ugly, smelly guy.  double @&%$!

16.  being super duper sweaty and dehydrated.

17.  not drinking for fear that it might trigger an urge to pee.

18.  having to pin my hair with a ballpoint pen bcoz there’s no rubber band or hair clamp in my bag. 

19.  taking the painful walk back to MOA’s south wing carpark.

20.  having to drive home (despite the leg cramps) and, once again, enduring the traffic.  my theory is that 80% of original Eheads fans became professionals who can afford cars, hence, the midnight traffic.  

But, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because the concert was worth every penny and pain.  The show was worth the additional moolah that I’ll have to pay the massage therapist for a number of reasons.

1.  concert venue was huge, had a lot of emergency exits and cute emergency personnel on stand by.   

2.  no teeny boppers in sight.  almost everyone’s our age =)

3.  the wonderful opening number — “Magasin”.

4.  the fact that there’s one video monitor for each of the four band members.


5.  Ely, Raimund and Buddy’s youthful, cleaned up looks and Marcus’ ala Freddie Aguilar look.

6.  Marcus’ Hello Kitty guitar.          


 7.  Ely saying “I love you too pare” in response to inummerable declarations of love from the crowd. 

8.  their still singing “Super Proxy” despite Francis M’s sudden demise.   

9.  Ely singing parts of “Kaleidoscope World” as a tribute to Francis M.

10.  Raimund and Marcus taking over the vocals of some songs (so that Ely wouldn’t over exert himself?).

11.  a girl kissing her boyfriend when she realized they were on the video screen.  (that was cute and sweet, unlike the couple in beside us)  

12.  the people around us who knew the lyrics to every song.  I was really really envious. 

13.  Ely telling the crowd to “sing” and “jump”.  he’s a bit rude, but, what the heck, we all galdly sang and jumped for him.

14.  Ely telling the crowd to write their song requests in a 1/4 sheet of paper length wise (no such thing, hehehe) and to give it to the waiter.

15.  Ely ceremoniously burning an old piano. 

16.  the explosive final number — “Huling El Bimbo”.  loved the confetti.  loved the fireworks.

17.  the group hug after the finale (have they finally, really, kissed and made up) and Ely’s brief thank you speech and “we are the Eraserheads!” shout out. 

18.  the Eheads re-emerging on the stage 10 or 15 minutes after the crowd dispersed.  we all thought the technical people were just doing sound check when we heard someone speak but, as it turned out, the Eheads really went back.  they talked for a while and then Ely announced that they’re doing “three for the road”.

19.  the three final final songs, Ligaya, Sembreak and Toyang.

20.  while singing Toyang, Ely going down the stage and letting some (very lucky) fans sing a few lines.   

21.  Tim Yap losing face because he doesn’t know the lyrics to “Toyang”.  HAHAHA!  I thought Ely will smash the microphone on top of his head (or something).  Shame shame shame.

22.  food and souvenir stalls dubbed as “Tindahan ni Aling Nena”.

23.  the humongous crowd (think EDSA 2) walking away (in pairs, groups and flocks) from the concert venue (towards the still open MOA) with big smiles on their faces.   

24.  finally, watching it with my two bestees.  since we watched the Eheads UST concert (don’t ask when) together, it was just fitting that we watch the Eheads reunion concert together also.   

To Ely, Buddy, Raimund and Marcus, I will love you forever.

To Anne and Thets, thank you for (once again) sharing the Eheads experience with me =)

tom yum, pad thai, bagoong fried rice @ xmas tree

December 3, 2008

Pagkatapos naming sunugin ang hindi pa naming natatanggap na 13th Month pay sa village bazaar at sa warehouse sale ng Chocolate Clothing Company, nagpunta kami sa SOM’s Mandaluyong para ibalik ang lahat ng calories na nasunog namin. 

Although hindi kasing authentic (meaning, hindi ka sa bangketa kakain) ng SOM’s Makati yung SOM’s Mandaluyong, pareho lang yung food choices.  But in our case, irrelevant na ang Menu kasi tatlo lang naman ang default order namin — Tom Yum, Pad Thai at Bagoong Fried Rice. 

Sa sobrang gutom, pumapasok pa lang kami sa pinto umo-order na si “V” — “Miss, Tom Yum, Pad Thai, Bagoong Rice at Chai Tea”.  For a change, nag-order din kami ng pork in garlic & chili kasi masarap din daw yun sabi nung waitress.  Hmmmn… masarap nga.   

Kahit kaing construction worker kaming tatlo, hindi namin naubos yung inorder namin.  Siguro kasi hindi kami full force, wala kasi “A” (nagpunta sa Korea, naghahanap ng Koreanong ka-love team para sa sarili nyang Koreanovela), wala yung pinakamatakaw, hehehe.   

Anyway, pag-labas namin ng SOM’s, napansin naming madaming tao sa may City Hall, parang may fiesta or something sa loob.  Siyempre, dapat mag-usyoso kami, sayang naman ang pagkakataon.  Here’s what we saw, the Policarpio St. Christmas tradition carried on by the Mandaluyong City government (parang Greenhills Shopping Center na nag-carry on ng COD Christmas display):




O d ba!  Bongga ang Mandaluyong City Hall!   

Siempre, kelangan may picture kami sa Christmas Tree.



In fairness sa mga Mandaluyong politikos, although sponsored ng mga City Hall offices and departments yung Christmas displays, hindi mo makikita ang mga pag-mumukha nila.  Yung iba kasi nilalagay yung picture nila sa mga parol, dun pa mismo sa gitna ng star, hayyy ang sarap tiladorin (slingshot po yon).


To those who want to visit SOM’s Noodle House, the Makati branch is near Kalayaan/Rockwell (I got lost going there so I can’t give proper directions) while the Mandaluyong branch is along the circle (on the right side of course) near the City Hall (Justice Hall) entrance.  You wouldn’t miss their green signage.  Pag-nalampsan nyo, ikot na lang ulit kayo.  I’m not promising spectacular Thai food (if you want that go to Thai at Silk [in Serendra] instead) but, at Som’s, you’ll get what you paid for — cheap but authentic Thai food.


November 22, 2008

Sorry Daileen, I know you hate this word but there’s no other way to describe this.  This is really FIERCE. 

Here’s a single man dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies (from I am…Sasha Fierce album). 

Brace your hearts everyone.

Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it
Don’t be mad once you see that he want it
If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it

Oh oh oh.  Oh oh oh.  Oh oh.  Oh oh oh. 


my cuppycake

November 13, 2008

Kilala nyo ba ang girl na ‘to?


How about this little girl?


Hindi rin?  

Maybe this will help.

Ahhhh.  Sha pala yun. 

My thoughts exactly.    

Our favorite ringtone girl’s name is Amy Castle and she’s all grown up now.  Check out her site


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