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April 10, 2010

Thets, one of my bestees (I know it’s corny and juvenile but that’s our term of endearment back in school and, unfortunately, it stuck), was bitten by the running bug and has since persistently demanded that we join her.  Since running requires that I give up my “thing” (read: sleeping until noon on weekends), my reaction was a resounding and violent — NO!

Since none of her sisters (a.k.a. “the skinny bitches”) fell prey to her pressure, she relentlessly pestered us. Eventually, we run out of reasons.

Wasting no time, she forced us to join the 1st PTAA fun run. She registered us for the 5K run and told us it’s not going to be difficult coz we don’t have to run the entire way.

When the day of the run arrived, I woke up after about three hours of sleep and excitedly went to UP, the venue. When we got there, I looked around to survey the other runners and gladly found out that I’m not the least fit person. I figured if these equally un-athletic people can do this, so can I.

At gun start, we happily joined the eager 5Kers. After about three minutes of continuous running, I’m no longer happy. My untrained lungs and Olive Oil (remember Popeye’s mate?) spindly legs easily gave up. I begged Donna to stop and to just brisk walk with me. Vero sped away (she was, after all, the first one to succumb to Thets’ egging) leaving me and Donna to pace each other.

After walking 60% of the way, Donna and I finally saw the finish line. YEY! We finished! We conquered 5K!

When we crossed the line, Donna and I noticed that there are still other runners crossing. I told her, “at least may kasabay pa tayo”. Donna, however, noticed that the remaining runners were wearing different colored numbers (ours were red, theirs were yellow). Realization hit. OMG! We crossed the line along with the 10K runners! We’re such losers!

As with the other runners, we checked our time. Mine was 1:01.34. Donna came in 12 seconds later at 1:01:42.

WTF?!? We didn’t just eat our fellow runners’ dust, we ate slowly. We didn’t expect to finish in 30 minutes but finishing a simple 5K run for an hour was very embarrassing.

My thought was, OMG, I’ll never be humiliated this way ever again. I’m going to train and train hard — if, I get the time.

I made that promise last June 2009 and I’m yet to join another fun run. I’m currently training though, not as extensive or as seriously as my new athlete friend but I’m happy with my progress, no matter how miniscule that may be.

For the last two months, the members of Team Bald Runner have been patiently trying to help me work on my endurance. When I first started, I almost died after an 800m lap (2 rounds of the ULTRA track). Now, I’m proud to say that I can already tackle 30 minutes of non-stop running (with very little cheating).


the BAR, here we go again!

March 26, 2010
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According to a friend we should celebrate every March 19 because that’s the day when our Bar Exam results came out nine years ago (my gosh!!! Time really flies).

What makes the Bar Exam special is that, unlike other professional exams, everybody awaits the results. All lawyers, young and old, somehow get involve in the waiting. Since I am a partner in a law office, this yearly occurrence gives me a sense of a yearly déjà vu.

Here we go again.

According to a Supreme Court insider, the results for the 2009 Bar Exams will be released today. Rumors have it that the passing percentage is 24.5% (1,451 out of 5,903 examinees); that the passing rate for the subject Taxation was lowered to 71% instead of 75%; and that the DQ (disqualified) grade was lowered to 45% instead of 50%.

And so, the agony began.

Our three underbar associates went on leave. I don’t know where they went or what they are doing at this very moment but I’m sure they’re out there, somewhere, having the worst day of their lives. I know because I’ve been there. I can still vividly recall the tears that I shed while I was on phone with Arlene. We talked about the hours we spent and wasted sleeping and watching television when we should have devoted those hours reading. We figured that, if we fail, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

On or about 9:00PM, my friend Jaja called and gave me the good news — “Arj! Lawyer ka na!” I bawled. I wanted to make sure so I told Jaja — “Sigurado ka ba? Wala nang bawian yan ha!” She said yes and then hurriedly ended our conversation, she said she had to call our other friends.

Fortunately, Arlene and I passed. Will our associates be as fortunate? I guess only time will tell. I just received a text message from JTS – “7:30 pa daw release”. Haayyy.

And so, the agony continues….

25 chuva

February 13, 2009
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A few days after I came out of my rock, I got tagged (uso ‘to ngayon sa Facebook).  At dahil kinarir ko na rin lang ang pag-iimbento pag-iisip ng 25 random things about me, naisipan kong i-post na rin dito. 


Here goes… 


1.  I’m overly critical and a very keen observer. 

2.  Music is the least of my obsessions.  I don’t own an I-Pod or an MP3 player.

3.  I’m quite talkative but not a very good listener =(

4.  I look ‘mataray’ but I’m actually very friendly.

5.  I’m super “inggitera”.

6.  Despite my age and my work, I’m still idealistic.  I’m still waiting searching for “the one”.

7.  My most memorable birthday present was a phone call from Piolo Pascual.  Thank you Ge (and Joji). 

8.  Except for PMS, I have a very high tolerance for pain.  I survived our sorority initiation without shedding a tear. 

9.  I don’t profess to be grammatically correct all the time but I really can’t stand grammatical errors in blog entries and facebook status updates.  Shout out na nga lang wrong grammar pa.  Grrrr!  Kainis!  Magtagalog na lang kasi. 

10.  I went to a lot of blind dates and have a lot of horror date stories.

11.  My grocery list is never without hotdog and SPAM.

12.  While in a friend’s house, I (accidentally) used church oil (the oil that grandmothers use/apply to cure pains and maladies) to cook ginisang corned beef.

13.  I can dress like a tramp but can’t act the part.  

14.  A psychic/feng shui expert once told me that I was destined to marry at the age of 28.  I was already 31 when I met her =(

15.  More than the intricacies of law, law school thought me how to have fun. 

16.  My Mama’s too much of a character and (sometimes) a little difficult to handle.  I’m beginning to think I’ll be exactly like her.

17.  I dress, walk and act like a lady but curse like a boy. 

18.  I love the colors purple, red, green, yellow and orange.  I hate pink and will never (ever) wear pink.

19.  I can live without a cellphone but not without TV.

20.  I’m very patient but fishing is definitely not for me.  It’s too f***ing boring!

21.  I’m still trying to convince myself of the benefits of a keeping healthy lifestyle.

22.  A friend apparently lost hope and stopped asking me to train and run marathons with her.

23.  I hate it when insensitive people ask me “why I’m still single” like it’s a highly contagious disease.   

24.  I’m Aquarian so I have this preconceived notion that everybody likes me.

25.  I am a middle child. Enough said.


pinoy henyo

November 23, 2008
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Matagal ko nang natanggap na hindi ako genius pero parang gusto kong patulan ‘to.


Whatchuthink?  Malay nyo, Mensa level pala ako hindi ko lang alam, hehehe.

stack ’em up dolls

November 17, 2008

I was checking out when I stumbled upon these designer Matrioshka Dolls.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs


Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren




Aren’t they cute?   

Here’s some more.

I wish I can have one. 

Thank you Russian Vogue and for posting them =)


Here’s a little info about matrioshka/matryoshka dolls that I found in Wikipedia

A matryoshka doll, a Babushka doll or a Russian nested doll, also called a stacking doll, is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other. “Matryoshka” (Матрёшка) is a derivative of the Russian female first name “Matryona”, which is traditionally associated with a fat, robust Russian woman.

A set of matryoshkas consists of a wooden figure which can be pulled apart to reveal another figure of the same sort inside. It has, in turn, another figure inside, and so on. The number of nested figures is usually five or more. The shape is mostly cylindrical, rounded at the top for the head and tapered towards the bottom, but little else; the dolls have no hands (except those that are painted). Traditionally the outer layer is a woman, dressed in a sarafan. Inside, it contains other figures that may be of both genders, usually ending in a baby that does not open. The artistry is in the painting of each doll, which can be extremely elaborate.

Matryoshkas are often designed to follow a particular theme, for instance peasant girls in traditional dress, but the theme can be anything, from fairy tale characters to Soviet leaders.

Happy Halloween!

October 29, 2008

My previous blog was supposed to speak about childhood dreams and aspirations but (somehow) I lost control and it (suddenly) got serious (and I liked it better).  I’ll try again and, hopefully, i won’t veer off my chosen topic.

When I was growing up I have always dreamed of going to the US to, among other things, go apple picking, visit Disneyland, experience Cable TV and go trick or treating on Halloween.  I’ve heard and read about these things and I wanted to personally experience what they are about.

Thinking about it, I realized that my childhood wishes already came true.  Well, not all, but most of it. 

Cable Television came to our teensy weensy town while I was in college and I became hooked.  Still am.  A couple of years ago, Disneyland HK opened so Mickey came closer to home.  Although I’m yet to pay him a visit, a visa is no longer an issue so it’s just a matter of time.  Although I still want to experience apple picking, I can live without it.

I don’t know when, how and where it started but, if you’ll look around, you’ll notice that Filipinos have already embraced the Halloween tradition.  The Halloween mania is already all over the malls, schools, offices, subdivisions and villages.  Kids are now donning Halloween costumes to go trick or treating.  Although I can no longer wear the costumes that I used to dream about (lest I end up looking like a porn star, hehehe, ask “D”), I’m still happy and excited that Halloween is finally here. 

A few hours ago we received the village’s Halloween Party Notice/Invitation.  According to the invite, it’s gonna be a “Freaky Friday” Halloween Party so I bet the kids are going to have lots of fun.  I’m so excited for them.  I wish I can go too =(


the power of attraction

October 28, 2008
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I was looking for an old case note when I stumbled upon the piece of paper where I scribbled a portion of a newspaper article written by Jaime Licauco, a Pinoy paranormal expert.

Having attended one of Mr. Licauco’s seminar on astral projection when I was still in UST, I have the highest respect for Mr. Licauco and a firm believer of his work.  Ikaw man ang makarating at makapag-libot sa bahay nang kaklase mong hindi mo alam kung saang lupalop nakatira and lived to tell about it, maniniwala ka rin.  

The article actually spoke a little about the book “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne.  I’ve been meaning to read it but, somehow, for some reasons, I can’t find enough inspiration to have a go at the book. 

According to Mr. Licauco, “the secret” is not actually a secret but an age-old principle akin to positive thinking.  If you have a positive disposition, then you’ll get positive results.  Kung nega ka, mag-dusa ka, hehehe.

Here’s the excerpt that I copied.  I followed this for about a week pero hindi ko na-sustain, I forgot about it.  Hmmn, maybe now’s a good time start again.

Power/Law of Attraction

1.   know your goal; what you really want. — easy!

2.  slow down brain waves to at least alpha level (7 to 14 cycles per second); relax, passive meditative state — I have no idea what this means, bahala na…

3.  visualize/form an image of your goal using 5 senses; right brain hemisphere; intuitive/imaginative; create pictures/images/symbols. — okay, medyo mahirap yung taste pero go go go!

4.  visualize goal/mentally program 2x/day, AM± visualize goal as already achieved and not having to achieve it; don’t entertain doubts. — done!


fruit shakes sa Jonas at paraw ni Manong Onie

October 26, 2008
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Come Friday, Halloween na, then comes all saints day, all souls day, Bonifacio day, and then Christmas.  Pero, in my mind, ang gusto kong makita ay hindi pumpkins, costumes or Christmas decors.  Gusto kong makakita ng clear sky, pristine blue waters (kahit green at ma-lumot okay na rin), white sand at sunset.  In other words, gusto kong pumunta ng Bora!  Ngayon na!    

I’m in this state kasi, this year, I broke a tradition, I didn’t go to Bora with my friends.  So, as a result, sobrang miss na miss ko ang Bora.  Miss na miss ko na ang fruit shakes sa Jonas, ang Paraw ni Manong Onie at ang blue lounge chairs sa Sea Wind.  Meron lang akong hindi na-mi-miss, yung tan lines ko from last summer na ayaw pa ring mawala, permanent na ata.   Haayyy, kaazar!

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paparapapa…love ko ‘to…

October 20, 2008
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On my way home the other day, I used the Kaimito Julia Vargas gate and saw something that brightened up my otherwise uneventful night.

Although the construction of the Frontera Verde/Tiendesitas branch of McDonalds is still underway, the McDonalds signage is already taunting and beckoning me.   

Although there are almost 10 McDonalds branches in the Ortigas area, for me, a certified promdi, the idea of having a McDonalds (with a McCafe) just a few yards from home is a biggie, in fact, it’s a dream come true.  You see, nung bata pa ako kelangan pa namin lumuwas (travel to the city) para makakain sa McDo, pero ngayon, kapitbahay na namin ang McDo! Ang saya saya!  Paparapapa….love ko ‘to…

Para sa mga katulad kong hindi mahilig (sige na nga, hindi marunong) magluto at nabubuhay dahil sa dine-in, take-out at delivery service (thank you Tapa King, Jollibee, North Park, Brother’s Burger, Reyes BBQ, Max’s, KFC, Yoshinoya, Razons, Jerry’s, Country Noodles, atbp.; sorry sa mga inaway kong delivery call center operators at delivery men. peace tayo mga tsong kahit halos pinatay nyo ako sa gutom at galit.), the M sign is a promise of food, forget about nutrition, forget about the food pyramid, forget about calories, ang mahalaga makakain.  Haaayyy, 16 years na akong ganito (since college, you do the math).  Pero, so what!  walang pakialamanan, blog ko ‘to!  Basta, no matter what health buffs say, pupunta pa rin ako sa McDo at kakain ng french fries, quarter pounder, chicken nuggets at caramel sundae.

O pa’no, kitakits sa McDo?

bag loan

September 28, 2008

For lack something to do on a Saturday (it’s pathetic, I know), I dragged my housemates “D” and “A” (“V” went to Sta. Clara to have her new car blessed ata, haaayyy, kainggit) to Greenhills for a much needed adrenaline rush. Actually, gusto kong makita in person yung models (translated: fakes, imitations) nung mga designer bags na pinagpapantasyahan ko these past few days.

Here’s the story. Last week, I bought the September issue of Mega Magazine because Anne Curtis looked sooo fab and the cover promised new designer looks.

Although I don’t usually buy Mega or Metro for financial reasons (this will make sense later) I bought the mag because I’m in a fantasy mood.

Sa mga hindi familiar, Mega and Metro, unlike Girlfriend (I love this mag! Good work Gina!) and some other mags, features really expensive designer stuffs that I obviously can’t afford. After glossing over Mega or Metro, you’ll realize na — “putsaaa, sinong nakakabili nang mga ‘to?” Haayyy kainis!

To make matters worst, “A” came home with two Singaporean magazines in tow. One’s called “Female”, the other was “Her World” ata. Haayyy, lalong na-emphasize ang pagka-mahirap ko. Kasi naman, kung sa Mega at Metro 80% lang ng featured items ang hindi ko kayang bilhin, sa Female at Her World 95%. Lahat ata ng items dun mas mahal pa sa kotse ko. Let’s put it this way, if I sell my car, I’ll be able to buy a Neverfull Louis Vuitton and the super cute Gucci bag. Kulang pa nga ata eh.

In between our ooohhhs and aaahhs, “V” and I discussed how wonderful it would be to have an office bag loan. Parang car loan na you just have to shoulder a certain percentage and then the office pays for it. Ang saya siguro no?

If you’ll think about it, if image lang ang pag-babasehan, mas logical yung bag kesa sa kotse. Bakit? Paano? Unlike cars: Ang bag, walang maintenance at hindi na-ba-bangga. Ang bag hindi kailangang ipa-wash or ipa-wax every week, konting punas lang with a soft cloth okay na. Yung bag walang parking expense, hindi ka pa mag-wo-worry kung nandun pa ba sa pinag-iwanan mo. At ang pinaka-importante sa lahat, ang bag nadadala sa meeting, nai-rarampa, hindi naiiwan sa parking lot. Oh di ba, mas okay talaga and bag loan. I suggest ko kaya?

Anyway, when we got to Greenhills, we went through the tiangge muna. I bought a cute high waisted black skirt (it’s sooo last year pero hindi ko na-resist, it’s just P350.00 and it will look good with my polka dot shirt). “A” bought a really nice coat (costume daw nya pag-punta nyang Korea).

After that, we went to the triple A tiangge strip (yung sa tapat ng hagdan pa-akyat ng Shoppesville). Grabe, andun na lahat ng latest designer bags. I say latest kasi andun na yung Fall and Winter collections ng LV, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Tods, etc. Andun na yung LV Monogram Jokes, LV Paris Souple and yung large boston babouska nang Gucci (yung may embroideries and charms). I love love love!

Pero ganon lang, we just looked at the models. Hindi kami bumili kasi (1) ang mahal kaya, hello! P6,500.00 to P8,000.00 for a fake bag! who are they kidding?; and (2) a few years ago, I promised not to buy fake merchandise anymore.  Haayyy, ang hirap!

Sana ma-approve ang bag loan proposal ko, hehehe.


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