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1:01:34 | April 10, 2010

Thets, one of my bestees (I know it’s corny and juvenile but that’s our term of endearment back in school and, unfortunately, it stuck), was bitten by the running bug and has since persistently demanded that we join her.  Since running requires that I give up my “thing” (read: sleeping until noon on weekends), my reaction was a resounding and violent — NO!

Since none of her sisters (a.k.a. “the skinny bitches”) fell prey to her pressure, she relentlessly pestered us. Eventually, we run out of reasons.

Wasting no time, she forced us to join the 1st PTAA fun run. She registered us for the 5K run and told us it’s not going to be difficult coz we don’t have to run the entire way.

When the day of the run arrived, I woke up after about three hours of sleep and excitedly went to UP, the venue. When we got there, I looked around to survey the other runners and gladly found out that I’m not the least fit person. I figured if these equally un-athletic people can do this, so can I.

At gun start, we happily joined the eager 5Kers. After about three minutes of continuous running, I’m no longer happy. My untrained lungs and Olive Oil (remember Popeye’s mate?) spindly legs easily gave up. I begged Donna to stop and to just brisk walk with me. Vero sped away (she was, after all, the first one to succumb to Thets’ egging) leaving me and Donna to pace each other.

After walking 60% of the way, Donna and I finally saw the finish line. YEY! We finished! We conquered 5K!

When we crossed the line, Donna and I noticed that there are still other runners crossing. I told her, “at least may kasabay pa tayo”. Donna, however, noticed that the remaining runners were wearing different colored numbers (ours were red, theirs were yellow). Realization hit. OMG! We crossed the line along with the 10K runners! We’re such losers!

As with the other runners, we checked our time. Mine was 1:01.34. Donna came in 12 seconds later at 1:01:42.

WTF?!? We didn’t just eat our fellow runners’ dust, we ate slowly. We didn’t expect to finish in 30 minutes but finishing a simple 5K run for an hour was very embarrassing.

My thought was, OMG, I’ll never be humiliated this way ever again. I’m going to train and train hard — if, I get the time.

I made that promise last June 2009 and I’m yet to join another fun run. I’m currently training though, not as extensive or as seriously as my new athlete friend but I’m happy with my progress, no matter how miniscule that may be.

For the last two months, the members of Team Bald Runner have been patiently trying to help me work on my endurance. When I first started, I almost died after an 800m lap (2 rounds of the ULTRA track). Now, I’m proud to say that I can already tackle 30 minutes of non-stop running (with very little cheating).


  1. im so jealous. wish i could run again… my knees can’t support my weight anymore. anyway, keep it up!!! hehe, i wonder if i’d end up asking you the same question i’ve been bugging thets with.

    Comment by Daileen — April 12, 2010 @ 3:30 am

  2. har har…daileen, i forgot to PM…
    skinny bitches talaga ya..

    Comment by Tin — April 12, 2010 @ 9:16 pm

  3. uh-huhm. sure thets but i ain’t holding my breath. :p

    Comment by Daileen — April 13, 2010 @ 1:29 am

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