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basement 5 | February 25, 2010

To survive in this city, one must not only be street smart, you must also be real estate savvy.

For single ladies like me (more like, ‘us’), more than the location, structure or basic habitation needs, budget is a MAJOR consideration. After all, more than a roof over our heads, we can’t survive the lipstick jungle without stocking up our arsenal (read: shoes, bags and clothes).

A few months ago, the owner of the Valle II unit that we were renting decided to come home thereby forcing us to, once again, uproot ourselves. After weeks of searching, we finally found a unit acceptable and convenient for us. The unit, however, is 10 floors up and the only available parking space is in Basement 5.

With no less than 18 years of renting experience (my dorm days included), I’m pretty used to the pros and cons of the city life, what I’m not used to is the literal ups and downs.

Since I’ve never lived in a building that is more than five floors, the fact that I’m now living at the 10th floor and has a parking space in Basement 5 (B5) still feels odd and a bit sad. While we have state of the art elevator, the fact that it takes me more than three minutes to get my car out of the building sucks. Coming from B5, finally seeing the B1 sign is like opening Santa’s present. It feels like Christmas.  It makes me smile and eager for the rest of the day. That’s a good thing right?   

It’s been four months now and we’re still not fully adjusted. I miss Vero and her home cooked meals =(  Donna misses her late night runs along the village. Anne misses the village guards (hehehe!).

I know we’re in a good place now (read: the nearest mall is just across the street), it’s just that B5 really sucks.


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  1. I don’t miss the guards. excuse me 😛

    Comment by anne — February 26, 2010 @ 3:25 pm

  2. you forgot to include, missing me as a neighbor =)

    Comment by Tin — March 3, 2010 @ 11:37 pm

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