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25 chuva | February 13, 2009


A few days after I came out of my rock, I got tagged (uso ‘to ngayon sa Facebook).  At dahil kinarir ko na rin lang ang pag-iimbento pag-iisip ng 25 random things about me, naisipan kong i-post na rin dito. 


Here goes… 


1.  I’m overly critical and a very keen observer. 

2.  Music is the least of my obsessions.  I don’t own an I-Pod or an MP3 player.

3.  I’m quite talkative but not a very good listener =(

4.  I look ‘mataray’ but I’m actually very friendly.

5.  I’m super “inggitera”.

6.  Despite my age and my work, I’m still idealistic.  I’m still waiting searching for “the one”.

7.  My most memorable birthday present was a phone call from Piolo Pascual.  Thank you Ge (and Joji). 

8.  Except for PMS, I have a very high tolerance for pain.  I survived our sorority initiation without shedding a tear. 

9.  I don’t profess to be grammatically correct all the time but I really can’t stand grammatical errors in blog entries and facebook status updates.  Shout out na nga lang wrong grammar pa.  Grrrr!  Kainis!  Magtagalog na lang kasi. 

10.  I went to a lot of blind dates and have a lot of horror date stories.

11.  My grocery list is never without hotdog and SPAM.

12.  While in a friend’s house, I (accidentally) used church oil (the oil that grandmothers use/apply to cure pains and maladies) to cook ginisang corned beef.

13.  I can dress like a tramp but can’t act the part.  

14.  A psychic/feng shui expert once told me that I was destined to marry at the age of 28.  I was already 31 when I met her =(

15.  More than the intricacies of law, law school thought me how to have fun. 

16.  My Mama’s too much of a character and (sometimes) a little difficult to handle.  I’m beginning to think I’ll be exactly like her.

17.  I dress, walk and act like a lady but curse like a boy. 

18.  I love the colors purple, red, green, yellow and orange.  I hate pink and will never (ever) wear pink.

19.  I can live without a cellphone but not without TV.

20.  I’m very patient but fishing is definitely not for me.  It’s too f***ing boring!

21.  I’m still trying to convince myself of the benefits of a keeping healthy lifestyle.

22.  A friend apparently lost hope and stopped asking me to train and run marathons with her.

23.  I hate it when insensitive people ask me “why I’m still single” like it’s a highly contagious disease.   

24.  I’m Aquarian so I have this preconceived notion that everybody likes me.

25.  I am a middle child. Enough said.



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