Confessions of AttyArj

Black in White House | November 6, 2008

I learned about the results of the recently concluded US Presidential election when I received this text message at 7:11 Wednesday morning.

NEWSFLASH – Jejomar Binay plans to do an Obama in 2010.  He wants to be d Philippines’ first black president 🙂

I’m not an OBAMA (nor a McCain) fan but I gladly accepted the election outcome because, sabi nga nila, we should always welcome changes because they carry the promise of something good.  Sana nga, at sana naman madamay ang bansa natin sa something good na yun.  

Although I’m not an avid newspaper reader (I’d rather watch the news on TV), for some reasons, the Philippine Daily Inquirer has always been my broadsheet of choice.  Kanina, sobrang natuwa ako nang makita ko ang banner ng PDI.  I was so impressed with what I saw kaya medyo nabuhay at na-reminisce ko ang pagka-journalist churva ko nung HS.  But don’t get me wrong ha, natuwa ako hindi dahil nanalo si Obama o dahil bumagsak ang pangarap maging Vice President ni Tina Fey, este ni Sarah Paylin pala, natuwa ako kasi ang fab! ng PDI lay-out.  Here, see for yourself…. 


In fairness, cute din si Prexy Barack dyan.


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