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speak & spell and swimming pool | October 29, 2008

In today’s “Boy & Kris” episode, Boy Abunda celebrated his bday along with the Going Bulilit Kids, Kaye Brosas and Vice Ganda (who took over Boy and Kris’ hosting jobs for the day).  The episode was about childhood experiences, games, dreams and aspirations.  It was actually a (children’s) party for Boy (maybe he didn’t get one while growing up, hence, the theme full of kids, balloon hats, party games and food).

It was quite interesting to watch because, despite Boy and Kris’ social backgrounds, they actually click not just as co-workers but, more so, as friends.  It was a bit funny also because Kris’ answers to most of the questions asked by Vice and Kay were so different from that of Boy’s. 

When Vice and Kaye asked them what their favorite childhood game was, I Boy mentioned “bahay-bahayan” and the usual neighborhood games while Kris answered “Speak and Spell” (remember that 80’s computer game?).  When asked what their ultimate childhood dream were, Boy said to be able to study in Manila while Kris said to have a swimming pool.  And that’s how the show went by.  The temp hosts even commented about how they cannot relate to Kris’ sosyal childhood.

If you’ll think about it, Kris’ answers may seem too shallow but who can blame her?  She was privileged, the rest of us aren’t, it’s as simple as that.

Like Kris, I also played with “Speak & Spell” but, unlike her, I don’t own one and just borrow from classmates.  Like Kris, I also wanted a pool in our backyard but, then again, that never came true. 

Towards the end of the show, Kris mentioned something about getting almost everything that she wanted but then she lost her Dad (Ninoy Aquino) at such a young age.  She said that was probably why her Dad gave her everything, it was to make up for the time when he’ll no longer be around. 

Hours have passed and yet here I am still thinking of Kris’ remark.  I can’t shake it off because, somehow, it reminded me how lucky I am to still have my Mama and Papa around.  I know I don’t (and shouldn’t) even have to be reminded about it but, sometimes, I tend to forget.


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  1. i’ll be serious too ha 🙂

    you are lucky talaga and i’m glad you realize that. people like thets and me who lost loved ones very early in life have no choice but to just live with whatever trick of life have tossed on us. pero still, God has been to us and we have been blessed to have them and be loved by them.

    maybe like what Kris said that his dad gave him everything to make up for the times he will not be around. i think this was the reason too why our parents made sure ate, eggie and i stay and stick together. kahit na nasusuka na kami sa isa’t isa 😉 because time will come that the family we will have will be us 3 and whatever extension we have contributed to it (which reminds me, wala pa rin akong balak mag extend, hehehe).

    yun lang 🙂
    happy halloween!

    Comment by annevdns — October 30, 2008 @ 10:11 am

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