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paparapapa…love ko ‘to… | October 20, 2008

On my way home the other day, I used the Kaimito Julia Vargas gate and saw something that brightened up my otherwise uneventful night.

Although the construction of the Frontera Verde/Tiendesitas branch of McDonalds is still underway, the McDonalds signage is already taunting and beckoning me.   

Although there are almost 10 McDonalds branches in the Ortigas area, for me, a certified promdi, the idea of having a McDonalds (with a McCafe) just a few yards from home is a biggie, in fact, it’s a dream come true.  You see, nung bata pa ako kelangan pa namin lumuwas (travel to the city) para makakain sa McDo, pero ngayon, kapitbahay na namin ang McDo! Ang saya saya!  Paparapapa….love ko ‘to…

Para sa mga katulad kong hindi mahilig (sige na nga, hindi marunong) magluto at nabubuhay dahil sa dine-in, take-out at delivery service (thank you Tapa King, Jollibee, North Park, Brother’s Burger, Reyes BBQ, Max’s, KFC, Yoshinoya, Razons, Jerry’s, Country Noodles, atbp.; sorry sa mga inaway kong delivery call center operators at delivery men. peace tayo mga tsong kahit halos pinatay nyo ako sa gutom at galit.), the M sign is a promise of food, forget about nutrition, forget about the food pyramid, forget about calories, ang mahalaga makakain.  Haaayyy, 16 years na akong ganito (since college, you do the math).  Pero, so what!  walang pakialamanan, blog ko ‘to!  Basta, no matter what health buffs say, pupunta pa rin ako sa McDo at kakain ng french fries, quarter pounder, chicken nuggets at caramel sundae.

O pa’no, kitakits sa McDo?


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