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why i stay late at the office… | September 3, 2008

Since it isn’t my turn to park in our slot (it’s “A”‘s week), I rushed home to make sure that I won’t be sleeping (in my car) along the Kaimito stretch (those who live or has friends in Valle Verde II will understand).  

After thanking my lucky stars for saving a slot for my car, I hurriedly walked home ignoring the ‘gud ivning ma’ams’ of our village guards.  Don’t get me wrong, hindi ako suplada, I’m actually quite friendly to them, it’s just that I was really really hungry and was dying to eat one of “V”‘s gourmet meals.  Unfortunately, “V” and “A” aren’t home yet, so, wala pang dinner!  Oh no, that means I HAVE to cook! 

After spending a few minutes thinking about the things I’ve learned and the number of hours I spent glued to Lifestyle Network watching Bobby, Tyler and Giada, I told myself, “I can do this!, I can whip up a hearty meal for the girls!  Hmmmn, I wonder what they’ll want for dinner.  Last week was vegetable week, courtesy of “A”, so… we can probably eat meat tonight.  So, meat it is!” 

After checking out the pantry, I found out na wala na pala kaming sibuyas.  Luckily, “D” offered to buy some.  When “D” left, I hurriedly chopped a large potato, 2 tomatoes and enough cloves of garlic.  Well, you’ve guessed it right, after contemplating about the cooking tips passed on by my favorite chefs, I’ve decided to cook ginisang corned beef.  Shame, shame.  Anong magagawa ko, hindi ako marunong mag-luto ng tunay na ulam, its either that or hotdog so cooking corned beef was definetly a good call.  Nway, “D” came back after 10 long minutes (fyi, the store was just across the street, apparently, she made a friend while buying onions, way to go!) so I finished my prep by chopping 2 onions.  

After sauteing the stuff (hey, I know my cooking terms, I had “Foods” for practical arts in HS), “V” and “A” walked through the door and the first thing that came out of “V”‘s mouth was –“ay, nag-luluto ka na”, with a tone na para bang she’s telling me to stop.  Hello, it’s not like she’s gonna die if she eats my ginisang corned beef.  She, however, explained that she just came from the grocery and was planning to cook squid.  Sayang noh.  

Nway, moving on, as I was about to remove the beef from the cans, I noticed that the beef in one of the cans wasn’t “corned”, it was, how should I describe it? it was a SOLID chuck of meat!.  Why is my corned beef not ‘corned’ as it should be?  Obviously, I got pissed and was already blaming (translated, cursing) Purefoods for the booboo.  I then grabbed the can and (for the first time) checked the label.  And, ‘lo and behold, I’m holding a can of meat loaf! Kainis!  How can I be so stupid?  But, in my defense (I’m a lawyer after all), the cans are of the same size and the color of the labels are the same, mag-kaiba nga lang ang sulat at drawing.  Eto pa, dahil sa katangahan ko, my pan now has more potatoes than corned beef. 

As expected, my 3 roommates laughed their brains out.  Tama ba un?  Hello, tao lang.  (“A” threatened to blog about it so I guess I’m beating her to the punch).  Since the sauteed (is that double ‘e’?, whatever) potatoes garnished with corned beef wouldn’t be enough to feed four tired and hungry maidens (I like the sound of that, parang historical romance ang dating), I also cooked the ‘uncorned’ beef and forced fed the maidens. 

Now you see why I stay late at the office.  I’m not a workaholic, I just hate cooking.


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  1. Hello-

    I came across your blog a couple of days ago when I googled Shoe Mart. I was with my husband and we were discussing websites in the Philippines and how some needs improvement. We are both students in San Diego, CA. I enjoy reading your blog and was wondering when you are going to write more? I left the Philippines when I was 8 years old and always wanted to go back and live there. I always have my “what if’s questions” in the back of my head on what would happen if I never left, if I went to college there, if I worked there, etc. One of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog is because it nice to read about a woman who has the share culture and values as I do. I find your writing style as witty. Please write more blogs.


    Comment by Roselle Torres Schmidt — October 9, 2008 @ 2:23 pm

  2. Hi Roselle. I’m glad you liked my blogs, I thought only my friends read it. Salamat! You’ve just inspired me to write more. TC =)

    Comment by attyarj — October 9, 2008 @ 11:24 pm

  3. […] Don’t get me wrong, while I’m not chef material, I can and do cook “real food” once in a while, I just don’t particularly enjoy or love doing it. Remember the corned beef/meat loaf incident? […]

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